We can offer each other nothing more valuable than the absolute assurance of our support.

Unless you’re in a film, this rarely happens verbally. Anyone who feels the need to regularly reiterate that they have your back, probably doesn’t (or doesn’t know how).

The trust required to assure someone that you’re truly there for them can only be realised through action; a kind of consistent, genuine and careful love which radiates inevitability. It is impossible to sustain authentic trust through inconsistent love; the kind which rages, scorching those too close, and dwindles when things gets too hard.

The result of finding and sustaining this kind of trust is perhaps the most valuable gift we have to give: it’s warm, knowing feeling; one of security, one of home.

Sometimes there’s no winning. That sucks, of course. Maybe it even hurts. But wallowing in the hopelessness of a losing situation is aimless.  

Instead, exit. Take off the jersey, surrender the king, hang up the phone.

Unless your life is on the line, there will always be another opportunity to make better choices and avoid a lose – lose situation entirely.

Remember, it’s your own decisions which ultimately led you here – no matter where you are.

Your circumstances may well have limited the choices available to you, but it was your own action which put you where you are here and now.

Live with it, or change. It’s always up to you.


The people you support today were OUR leaders.  The Clintons, Obama, fuck I even bought Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Video back in the day.  They were our heroes.  I gave them my support.  I believed in them.  They lied to us.  
When you are confronted with this reality it is devastating.  Shock and numbness sets in and loss of hope oozes and disables.  Why vote. What’s the fuckin point.  Where do we go from here.  Then you pick yourself up, dust off the betrayal, and soldier on.  Hope is restored and you invest your time and faith in humanity again.
But now they’re lying to you!  

And to get you hooked they had to create a global movement to steal youth away from the generation of families before who woke up to their deceit because ALL INFORMATION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY became accessible to all.
They buy youth with their foundations and brainwashed your generation with bullshit psychology that infiltrated your airwaves programming you to believe your families are toxic, ignorant and clueless and they are the only one’s that care about you.
When you’ve drunk enough of the koolaid from those who have taken over the “U.S. left” for THEIR OWN SELF SERVING EMPIRES while they brainwash youth with their sickly, false and brazen lies, pretending to care about minorities while they fund wars, terrorism, etc, etc, etc, then maybe, just maybe, we can have a conversation.  Fuck they’re brazen enough to publicly say they support Antifa and its horrific violent activism! 

You haven’t even come close yet to uncovering the truth of who the corrupt global players are that is backed up with undeniable evidence.  Fuck, how can you, when they pied piper you with false promises that sing to your beautiful hearts.  
You won’t believe me.  You don’t have to.  I didn’t, or couldn’t for that matter, make this shit up.
Try researching what you are led to believe are “lies” about your leaders.  Remember to keep breathing deeply while your at it and fight the urges to keep looking for confirmation bias

What you fail to factor into your programmed self righteous Know it All stance is the FACT that we’ve been there.  Reread “Illusory Superiority” while trying it on for size.
You are in a global cult that calls itself a movement and tells you that anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and by default you, is evil and you should shut them down and then withdraw from them.  How the fuck is that working in life for learning how to communicate effectively within all problematic areas for proactive problem solving and unity between families, culture and race.  They’re teaching you to be followers, not leaders!
No wonder you are so fucked up inside.  Yeah I know it.  I see it.  I feel it.  Even from afar.
It makes my heart bleed knowing the pain you are in now.  Let alone the pain you are going to be in when your idols are revealed for the criminals they truly are.

I’ll be waiting.  Not with the judgment that you are encouraged to dole out on a regular basis to me and others in your thoughts and actions, but with compassion. 
Compassion that can help with understanding when you wake up to the real perpetrators who have been inflicting global horrors onto our world for generations.
They may still control major media and censorship, like they always have, but it won’t last because they can’t control the internet forever.  It is the greatest gift to humanity.
But being new your generation are unfortunately victims and minions of the old guard and their fight to retain totalitarian fascist control and suppression whilst pretending the opposite.
One day the internet will be saturated with the real truth so we can begin to collectively build a better future – together.  

Never forget that in all our hearts we’re actually on the same fuckin side!  
And if any of you choose to join peaceful street protests please, please pay attention.  Look for the signs that violent riot intruders are lurking so you can get yourself and others out to safety.”

It would be pointless to argue with you, so I won’t.

Thank you for your concern.

It’s okay for your plan to change, as long as you have a plan. Quitting to pursue better is never a failure; quitting without a better path, is.

Life is too precious to squander meddling in things which don’t enrich us.

It kills me to watch this unfold, but I can only try to understand. This is the consequence of ignored, systematic oppression; this is the cost of the demagogue experiment. Hate breeds hate. It’s going to require a whole lot of compassion to counterbalance that hate once the embers settle and the smoke fades.

Just remember that Australia has oppression in it’s own back yard, too. Hundreds of uneccessary deaths in custody without prosecution.

Bridging these divides takes more than scholarships and handouts. It’s not just about ‘sorry’, and it’s certainly not about ‘get over it’. America’s hate is a cancer with which we are also plagued. What we do about it is up to us.

If you’re pained enough to post to your timeline, show up at your next election.

The recent events in Minnesota should be a reminder that, after COVID, our goals should not be as uninspiring as ‘returning to normal’.

For too many, normal wasn’t cutting it.

If we continue to fail them, there is only more of this to come.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

John F. Kennedy

There are an unfortunane number of people prone to thinking that they are in on something that everyone else is blind to. You’ve met these people; they’re usually quick to tell you what they know and, more importantly, what you don’t. They will immediately trust the word of anyone aligned with their beliefs, but refute every qualification held by anyone with a differing view. The problem with people who are suceptible to this is that, aided by a little fear, they can be convinced of nearly anything—and some falsehoods, once believed too deeply, can be perpetual.

A vulnerable person desperate for status and meaning will clutch onto the closest belief which makes them feel intelligent and in control. For some, that results in turning to faith. Religion offers the vulnerable a socially acceptable way to become ‘enlighened’: believe, and you get to join the we know something you don’t club. In this way, religion is a kind of conspiracy; it binds tightly those who believe and arms them with infallible premises to dispute with those who don’t. Religions, like all organised conspiracies, generate a cognitive bias which cannot be challenged by the logical standards of truth.

“Science adjusts it views based on what’s observed. Belief is the denial of observation, so that faith can be preserved.”

Tim Minchin

Conspiracy is attractive to vulnerable people because it arms them with an illusionary safety net: they are the ones who see and understand, and those who don’t are wrong by default. They never have to risk the embarrasment of being found out or losing an argument; your disbelief of their premise makes you wrong by default. The visciousness of this thinking is that it self perpetuates; feeling like you’re ‘right’ all the time feels good. So good, that just talking about the conspiracy can become its own form of self-gratification.

The sad result is that these people become insufferable to those who don’t share their delusions. The deeper one falls into conspiratorial thinking (which was meant to increase their status and likability by making them feel wise and in control), the further they isolate themselves from anyone outside of their conspiratorial bubble. For some, this works just fine. There are plenty of people who live entire, happy lives within two degrees of separation from someone who attends their church or mosque. But, in times of doubt, it may prove more difficult for those tricked into believing that malevolant reptillian humanoids walk among us to find meaningful engagement and community.

To return to reality, a conspiratorial thinker would have to accept the observations of the experts they have learned to distrust and denounce. If they wished to reclaim their place in the logical world, they would first have to admit to themselves that the ‘special knowledge’ at the root of their illusion of superiority was a lie; that they have been tricked, deceived and likely exploited by people and sources they have grown to love and trust; that the world might not be out to get them in the ways they feel it is; and that much of the fear they have been publicly projecting might actually reside within.

The problem with illusionary knowledge is that it leads to illusionary superiority. The problem with illusionary superiority is that it isolates you from those not under the spell of your brand of conspiracy; and the problem with that isolation is that, in order to give it up, you have to revoke the comfortable, infallible power you’ve grown dependant on weilding.

Tragically, this is often too painful. Its easier to believe that you’re a misunderstood genius than a delusional fool. Instead, they stay stuck in their unpopable bubbles of delusion, frustrated at the world for not understanding.

Never waste your time arguing with someone who has learned to believe in the things which make them feel good, instead of the things which they can prove. Facts won’t persuade someone to give up superiority which is grounded in illusion. Their knowledge and, in fact, their entire conception truth is not governed by logic or reason—their knowledge is governed by their insecurities.

Intelligent people love being wrong; every time it happens, they get wiser. It’s the foolish who can’t bear it; their fragile egos deny their ability to grow.

SpaceX was delayed a few days. Which, of course, is no big deal in the grand scheme.

In fact, of all the people I spoke to today, not one complained about it. Not a single disgruntled soul. Two, however, were thoroughly disappointed by the tardiness of packages which they had been expecting on their doorstep last week.

If we can forgive NASA for taking their time due to the weather, can’t we forgive our postal service for taking its time during a global pandemic.

People aren’t guilty for letting down our expectations.

We’re guilty for setting such fragile ones.

In a few hours, NASA will launch two astronauts into space from US soil for the first time since 2011.

The launch will mark the final stage of their SpaceX program, which is laying the groundwork for future exploration of Mars and the Moon.

You can watch live here. Just try not to lose any brain cells reading the YouTube comments.

As customer engagement with brands shifts more and more to online platforms, it is becoming increasingly important that brands are recognisable audibly as well as visually.

Chances are that, even if you don’t own an apple product yourself, you know what an iPhone sounds like when it rings and how a Macbook sounds like when starts up.

These sounds have become so iconit that they act not only as identifiers, but as symbols of quality and status. How many iPhone users do you know with custom ringtones?

Less than android owners, that’s for sure.