It’s Free To Be Wrong, So Make a Ruckus

I’ve been on a Seth Godin binge, and I can’t get this Q&A out of my head. I adore it.

I had flirted with this idea of ruckus before I encountered Godin’s work, but it had always plagued me with a sense of vagueness.

I liked making ruckus. I wanted to make more and I knew it was important. I believed in it, but I couldn’t explain it succinctly – until now.

The central premise of ruckusmaking is that in the modern age;

It’s free to be wrong.

The required cost to start something; whether that’s a business, a blog, a charity, a community, an anything, is now little-to-none.

The internet provides the means to connect to almost anyone on the planet for a fraction of the cost it would have just a few decades ago.

People know this is the case, and so we’re craving connection more than we ever have before. Everyone wants groups to be inside. Whenever we make a purchase, whenever we show up somewhere, we are actively seeking out a feeling of belonging.

A feeling of; people like us do things like this.

The result is an economy where good ideas that connect people are immensely valuable, as long as they get followed through.

How do you know if an idea is a good one if you don’t tell anyone about it, and then try it?

You don’t. Herein lies the problem.

To illustrate this point Godin metaphorically refers to the game Pictionary – charades with pictures.

Ruckusmakers are amazing at Pictionary, because they start guessing from the second the first line is drawn.

They guess, because it’s free to be wrong, and the rewards for being right are high.

They continue to guess, thinking out loud and unfiltered, until they get close. The drawer then gets excited, and with a flurry of pencil tapping and minor adjustments, they bring the ruckusmaker across the line.

People who sit back silently while they watch their partner slowly recreate starry night might end up with a much better hint for the Pictionary card which reads ‘Vincent van Gogh’, but they will have done so in fifteen times the time of someone who drew this;

The ruckusmaker brain generates a volley of ideas until they find the right one;

Person, hat, cowboy, depressed, monkey, ear, cowboy ear?, cutting ear (the pencil tap-tap-taps), OH! It’s Van Gogh.

The starry night folks might have ended up with a beautiful picture; but the ruckusmakers beat them to the punch, and win the game. Every time.

This is making ruckus.

In this economy, people who make a habit out of generating ideas and commit to the right ones do better jobs at connecting people, and inevitably come out on top.

So make ruckus.

Seth has published an accumulation of work which centres around ruckusmaking on his blog, which I highly recommend reading if this resonated with you in any way.

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