Airlock moment

You know the feeling when your attention is so engulfed that the world stops in its tracks?

It’s the moment you leap off the diving board.

The moment your parachute triggers.

It’s the freezing-warm rush of the lights striking as they reveal a stage, with you on it.

It’s whenever time feels stuck and the air feels tight.

You feel the world begin to animate as the feeling unravells.

Energy spills out of you as everything returns to equilibrium.

You senses snap back to focus as adrenaline peaks, then subsides; a bodily epiphany.

These are airlock moments.

Named such because airlocks transport you between atmospheres of differing pressure (imagine an astronaut being released into the vaccum of space).

In these moments, for a split second, you become the universe; as far as you’re aware, nothing else exists.

Chase these moments.

There is nothing more authentic than a human body hitting auto-pilot and taking control; acting on pure instinct until the moment passes.

Let your heart race.

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