Strange Times

I never watched Full House. It was a little before my time.

I’d seen clips and I got the gist, but little did I know that this seemingly innocent 1980s sitcom would be the canvas for a deeply unsettling, minute long experience involving 24 counts of Nick Offerman’s ‘Ron Swanson’ moustache.

Seeing Offerman’s face animated onto the body of a baby in motion was disturbing enough, but what made more even more uncomfortable was the fact that is was so well done.

It left we with a sense that visual accountability could soon be a thing of the past.

CGI has developed to such an extent that anyone could believably be animated doing almost anything.

This is done through a process called ‘deepfake‘, which leverages artificial intelligence to take existing image and video content of a person’s face and superimpose it onto the face of another.

The more access the web has to your face, the more likely it is that someone out there could replicate it.

If youtube goofballs are pulling this off now, how long until face swap technology is so accessible that the infallibility of video evidence is totally compromised?

Unfortunately, it seems the time may have already passed. For those not yet acquainted, please meet Mr Jordan Obama.

This video did the rounds last year, and somehow (probably because I try to avoid Buzzfeed like the plague) it slipped past my radar.

If you had the time, the inclination and the budget, you could generate a perfectly believable video of me tearing apart and eating a raw chicken in front of a gelato shop.

Please don’t.

Just consider the fact that you could.



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