Demand for critical thinking, digital literacy & creativity in the job market is rising dramatically.

(Foundation For Young Australians)

Our job markets are moving towards valuing skills over experience.

We are becoming more dynamic learners. It’s not uncommon to have a handful of career changes throughout your working life anymore.

Having spent 15 years working for an organisation means much less than it used to.

As people’s working lives become more dynamic; shifting and changing as technology and culture develops, skills become more valuable because they are transferable.

That’s not to say that experience isn’t valuable, but experience can be too specific, even when it’s from a similar job.

A McDonalds manager doesn’t care whether their employee took the time to memorise every ingredient in a Whopper in their last job. They want to know that their employee can flip a burger.

Young people now have the opportunity to focus on the type of work they want to do, rather than the job they want to do. But we don’t get it for free.

The cost of career dynamism is job security.

Some of us will work contract to contract for the rest of our lives, with next to no work in between.

This sounds scary, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The more roles we expose ourselves to, the more skills we adopt. The more skills we have, the less likely it is that we’ll wake up aged 54 in a job we hate but can’t leave because the market is too competitive.

If you commit to a job which isn’t developing any of your skills, you are only investing your time in gaining experience.

Years of experience in a job you hate isn’t worth much at all. Beware the temptations of complacency.

Become someone who thrives in times of change, became times are always a-changin’.

Get to work.

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