Stop Selling Yourself, Start Starting.

We’re often told that to put our best foot forward in the job market, we need to learn to ‘sell’ ourselves.

We’re told that’s it’s okay to ‘spruce’ your resume, that it’s okay to lead with confidence, even if we’re not qualified.

As if convincing people that we’re more capable than we are is a more important skill than any which might actually be relevant to the jobs we’re applying for.

I’m starting to sense that this is bullshit advice.

If you feel the need to muddy the truth in a job interview, the job probably isn’t for you.

If you can’t comfortably meet the expections of the role without lying about your capabilities or experience, how could you possibly perform in it without letting people down?

Surely leading with honesty and landing only the jobs in which you can achievable grow is more beneficial than starting job after job you which is above your capability, only to be let go after the trial period?

If hiring you is going to be a risk, at least have the courtesy to let the employer make an informed descision.

We spend too much time at work not to do stuff we’re able to find some joy in.

But what if you can’t find a job that matches your capability as well as your interests? What if nothing fits?

Then you work for yourelf.

It doesn’t matter how niche or how oversaturated your interest is. If you’re good enough, someone out there will pay you to do nearly anything.

Heard of Humans of New York?

Image result for humans of new york

The guy behind it, Brandon Stanton, started was just a mediocre photographer who went out on the street to take photos every day, and didn’t quit.

If you’re reading this, you have the power to start something.

Start enough things you care about and something will stick.

Make a ruckus, do the work, repeat.

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