Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


The lottery is a stupid game, but the only way to win is to be prepared for the draw with a ticket ready.

Lottery tickets are flawed because your investment is a total waste if you don’t get lucky.

You serve and win or lose, the ball never returns to your side of the court.

Not all games are like this.

Investing is a better game. You have control over where your money goes, you build a skillset and ingest knowledge, and even if your investment tanks, you’ll still be left with something.

Starting things is an even better game. When you have authority over the game you’re playing, your leverage and return on investment increases through your effort.

Your luck doesn’t spring from fate, or from the efforts of others you’ve entrusted with your assets. Your luck depends on how well you are positioned to embrace opportunity.

In the digital age, the investment cost to starting things is low. You could start 10 online business, charities, or projects every year for the price of a weekly lottery ticket.

What are the odds of these things generating more meaning in your life than lottery tickets?

That part would be up to you.

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