Ever had a beesting?

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It’s the kind of minor, inconsequential pain which wields the potential to cause more angst than it’s worth.

It feels like when you get cut off in traffic. Or when someone doesn’t knock before entering a room. It feels like when someone doesn’t change the toilet roll.

Beestings feel this way unless you’re allergic, which some people are to inconsequential problems. We all know someone with a beesting allergy; a usually well-meaning hothead who can be set off by the tiniest negative input. To those less affected, this can be infuriating.

But beesting allergies aren’t unnatural. Our minds are naturally geared towards these negative inputs, it’s called negativity bias.

The good news is that there is a key difference between a real beesting and the beesting of mental angst: you can train yourself to minimise the effects of the latter.

Meditation and cognitive therapy are both great for this. The former is natural and free, whereas the latter requires finding a good practitioner (which usually isn’t free).

As we bumble about our daily lives, it is equally important that we take all reasonable precautions to avoid stinging anyone as it is to take responsibility for enhancing our own beesting immunity.

Some people are perpetual stingers who also have allergies. This isn’t a good mix. Especially when those they sting start stinging back.

Take care not to get so caught up in your own head that you wind up perpetually darting around, ungraciouslly stinging those you cross.

If you regularly feel on edge, like any little thing might cause you to snap, you might instead have an allergy.

Be honest with yourself. If you’ve got an allergy, or a tendency to sting, slow down. Breathe. Play with some meditation.

You owe it to yourself, and everyone else.

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