Negativity Bias

Have you ever plugged your USB in the right way around on the first go?

Of course you have. It happens 50% of the time.

Why then does it feel like your USB was designed specifically to annoy you the other 50% of the time?

Because we aren’t programmed to remember all the times they went in without a problem.

We are programmed to experience negative emotions like frustration and fear more intensely than we are positive emotions like excitement and joy.

This programming helped our ancient ancestors avoid getting eaten by lions, but does little to save us from the terrors of our USB drives. Our minds haven’t evolved as quickly as the dangers most of us face in life have reduced.

Rarely will these over accentuated feelings of anger, frustration or discontent do anything to serve you, even if you have good reasons to feel them.

It’s harder to foster and maintain a positive mindset, but infinitely more productive.

We must be constantly aware of our biological negativity bias.

Don’t get into the habbit of feeling like you have the right to be upset (even when you do).

When these feelings creep in, ask yourself;

“Is this feeling serving me?”

If the answer is no, or the emotion isn’t providing an immediate and obvious benefit, it has no place in your mind.

How you choose to process these emotions is up to you.

The antidote to negativity is perspective.

Breathe. Rationalise. Exercise. It doesn’t matter. Do anything which helps you find the perspective required to process the pain.

Build a practice out of seeking perspective instead of harbouring pointless negativity and you’ll lead a far richer life.

Your USB doesn’t hate you, and you’re not a fool just because you put it in the wrong way.

It doesn’t always go in wrong, even though it feels like it does.

It’s your responsibility to act accordingly.

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