Learn A Language With Me (Duolingo Is Great)

Duolingo’s model makes elegant sense; learn any language, anywhere, any time, at any pace.

The app compartmentalises language learning into bite sized challenges which you can get through in a minute or two, and visually tracks your progress through them.

These challenges have a structure inbuilt, but it doesn’t feel restrictive; you can’t go trying to learn scientific words or phrases before you’ve done basic foods. But you don’t have to master every area in order to progress on to the next one.

Learning is reinforced by well placed repetition of questions you answer incorrectly.

There are multiple incentivisation features; including a daily streak, a leaderboard, and an experience number which you can easily use to benchmark (or compete) against friends.

There’s nothing too sophisticated about Duolingo from the user’s perspective.

It just does basics properly.

If you’ve never used the app before and want to take a crack at learning a new language, click here to sign up and add me as a friend!

For those of you already chipping away at the language of your choice, please feel free to add my username: LukeBinetti

I’m trying to work some daily Italian learning into my routine, it’d be great to have a small group of people holding eachother accountable.

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