Writing Your Own Foreword

I was discussing the architecture of my book project with a dear friend today, and he offered me a brilliant piece of advice;

You should write your own foreword.

Write it in the voice of whoever you’d most want to write it, then take a look and see which bits are you.

What’s qualifying you?

And what’s competing with other people who have written about the same thing?

Before I could give him too much credit, he pointed out that this is what Amazon does with their products before they design them (he’s not the type to glorify the likes of Bezoz, but this practice is clever).

Image result for kindle

The press release for an Amazon product is written for internal staff, and is rigorously workshopped until they’re confident that the product promises to do something which will excite customers.

If people aren’t excited by the press release, the product doesn’t get designed.

It’s easy to get lost in the details of our work, but we must remain mindful of the people we do it for in the first place.