Social Media Privileges Outrage

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter aren’t set up to show you the best content available.

They’re set up to show you the content which is most likely to keep you on the platform.

The things which keep us most engaged are the things which make us most emotional, and there isn’t an easier emotion to capitalise on than anger.

Apply enough pressure to the triggers which illicit a person’s anger, and you generate outrage.

In an article published by the BBC last year, a former Facebook went on record saying;

“You have a business model designed to engage you and get you to basically suck as much time out of your life as possible and then selling that attention to advertisers.”

Sandy Parakilas, former Facebook Employee

There has never been a time where political polarisation and tribalism has been this visible or accessible en masse.

If you want to find someone who disagrees with you, just click on the comment section of any facebook post with over a thousand comments.

If you engage with social media, you have no choice but to be presented with the opportunity to engage people who’s values don’t align with yours.

What you have complete control over is whether or not you choose to act on that opportunity.

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