10 Minutes Per Day Adds Up

Dedicating 10 minutes per day to a skill, activity or habit adds up to over 60 hours in a year.

Given that mastery of any skill requires around 10,000 hours of work, you’re probably not going to become a chess grandmastee with a daily 10 minute investment.

But you could easily read an extra ten books per year, or keep your space much tidier.

Perhaps it’s worth considering what value you place on your time. What’s your hourly rate?

The standard rate for calculating the value of volunteer hours in Western Australia is roughly $50 per hour.

Multiply that by 60 hours collected through the year, and it’s pretty safe to assume that for every 10 minutes of your time that you can safeguard for use in a focussed way, you gain the value of at least $3000.

If you had $3000 to spend on services for your household, how would you spend it?

If you had $3000 to spend on an education course, what would you learn?

And if you could gift $3000 worth of your time to other people every year, how would you choose to do so?

Having such a short window to execute on these activities each day requires smart planning, but this value is there for the taking.

Our time is all we have, we might as well use it.

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