Specificity And Relevancy

In the process of making anything, you need to make a number of choices. These choices shape and define the work we do.

Making these choices is hard. When we’re try to decide who our work is for, we wrestle with a conflict at the core of all creative work;

If our work is going to resonate with some, it will likely upset others.

“It’s impossible to create work that both matters and pleases everyone.”

Seth Godin

The more we cater our work towards a demographic, the more specific we tailor it, the less relevant it becomes to the masses.

In times gone, too much specificity implied imminent irrelevancy. If you couldn’t get it in front of enough eyes who cared, what was the point?

Today, you can go to resinobsession.com and network with a whole community of people bound by their love of resin dice.

(Dispel Dice on kickstarter)

The internet is connecting people who would never have been able to find each other two decades ago.

Our work can now do the same.

There isn’t value in sacrificing specificity for relevancy any more.