Mantracker Is Wild

Someone walked into a meeting room and pitched the following idea for a gameshow;

What if we set two strangers a 40+km hike to complete within 36 hours. We’ll call them the Prey.

The catch; they’ll be stalked by a psychopathic, lasso wielding Canadian Cowboy on a horse called the Mantracker.

We’ll give the Prey a 2km head start, but if Mantracker catches them before they get to the finish line, they lose.

“What do the Prey win if they make it?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

The best part about this meeting is that someone went; “Yeah alright, let’s do it.”

The result is nothing less than majestic. Here’s the first two (pleasantly contrasting) episodes, but there’s six seasons of the stuff. Please enjoy.

(Episode 1)
(Episode 2)

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