That which Fortune has not given, she cannot take away.


Fortune gives and takes as she sees fit.

Sometimes our actions can protect us from her grasp or prepare us to capitalise on her grace, other times there is simply nothing we can do to predict, prevent or postpone the struggles implied by a life aware of it’s own mortality.

Separating out these times and focussing our energy solely on the thoughts which have the potential to affect change is the path to a life free of regret.

A life spent wallowing in the sufferings one cannot change is not a viable life at all.

Luckily, if you’re reading this it’s unlikely that you belong to the group of people for which a life full of such suffering is unavoidable.

The time, energy and focus you are able to exert on these words indicates that you probably aren’t fighting for your next meal.

If this is true, you have been graced with a life with more security than hundreds of millions of other, happy people.

If those surviving daily precarity can build and foster happy lives, surely there are actions you can take to construct the same?

Fortune has favoured you, but it will not last forever.

Save yourself the trepidation of future pain by committing to the actions within your reach.

Release that which you cannot control.

Seize that which you can with vigor.