Great Ideas

How do you know when you’re ideas are great? And what makes them great in the first place?

For an idea to be great it has to be exciting. There needs to be something about it that arouses emotion and anticipation.

Which is why, “Hey, do you want to go for a drive?” might not feel like a great idea.

While, “Hey, do you want to go for a drive and get some ice-cream?” almost always sounds like a great idea.

Not all exciting ideas are great though. If we already expecting to be asked out for ice-cream, the idea doesn’t feel nearly as interesting.

They also need to be possible. Asking someone if they want to drive to get some ice-cream if you’re on a sailboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean isn’t necessarily a great idea. It’s far more likely to be a signal that you’re not coping so well.

Great ideas arouse excitement and inhabit the space between possibility and expectation.

Ideas which fit into this category are powerful; they motivate and mobilise people and allow us to rethink the way we see and experience our world.

Finding ways to cultivate them is essential because without them, we’re nothing.

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