We all know what an entrepreneur is; they’re the innovative, strategic and motivated people who set out to start businesses from scratch.

But there’s another type of innovative, strategic, motivated professional; the intreprenuer.

Instead of creating new businesses, the intreprenuer finds ways to innovate businesses from within – often one they already work for.

They find a problem within an organisation then invent, pitch, design, develop and implement new and creative ways to solve those problems.

Intreprenuers start their projects with a few things entrepreneurs usually don’t; a salary, organisational knowledge and permission.

The entreprenuerual risk of doing something nobody else is doing or has done before (which, in order to be good must have the potential to fail) is offset by the security inreprenuership offers.

For those who are innovatively inclined but don’t have a high risk tolerance, intreprenuership can be the perfect combination of risk and security.

Applying entreprenuerial thinking to existing organisations is nothing new, but the way we discuss the role of those who do this kind of work, is.

There is a great deal of change which can be made by entrepreneurial people who haven’t yet been mobilise within organisations who don’t yet see their value.

If this is you, talk to you boss. Start something. The worst they can say is no.

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