Arete is an ancient Greek word which describes the nature of things which achieve their fullest potential.

Statue of Arete in Celsus’ library in Ephesus

The arete of a hammer is to bang nails into things effectively. The arete of your car is to get you from A to B as smoothly and safely as possible.

But the arete of people is much harder to pin down.

Poets and philosophers have been fascinated by arete for thousands of years because a person’s arete is the metric by which one could measure whether they have lived a good life.

Are you in the process of living up to your potential?

What is it in you to do?

If you can’t look with pride at the things which you’ll wake up to do tomorrow, pause a moment.

Your life is precious and you only get one.

Seek your arete and sieze it. By definition, nothing else matters.

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