Influencers Vs Leaders

“Maximizing the benefits for the social media platform you’re on are different than maximizing the benefits for you and those you are leading.”

Seth Godin

The influencer dynamic plaguing modern marketing is shallow, but it sells units.

Influencers act as conduits for buyer’s attention.

Which at it’s core makes sense, right?

You see a cool Instagram page which represents your interests, and you follow it.

If they have a big enough following, brands who want to reach people interested in things relevant to the page reach out, and the page gets compensated for putting the brand in view of people likely to be interested in their products (aka you).

The problem is that these pages are usually compensated for their reach, not their quality.

The result is that influencers tend to race for cheap attention rather than fostering deeply engaged communities.

Those who hack the system to demand your attention get preference over those taking their time to foster communities – even when the former are wasting your attention in the process.

Influencing and leading are not the synonymous.

Influencers are out to sell your attention to the highest bidder.

Leaders are out to help you spend it wisely.