Likeability Is A Metric, Not A Goal.

If you’re worried about everybody liking your projects, they’ll all fail.

Show anything to enough people and someone’s bound to hate it.

Luckily, this works in reverse too. No matter how many times you get told it’s worthless, there is someone out there that your project suits perfectly.

Whether people tend to like or dislike the work you do is simply another metric to measure it by.

Van Gogh sold only one painting before he died. From his perspective, almost all of his projects failed.

Now they rest in galleries and museums all around the world, admired by thousands each day.

Projects don’t succeed when people like them and fail when people don’t.

There’s much more to it.

Likeability is a metric just like order quantity, quality or returns.

A cigarette isn’t better than a Porsche just because more cigarettes are sold each day.

So why would your project necessarily be worse than any other purely based on how many people like it?

Select carefully the metrics by which you measure failure and success.

In most cases, likeability will prove a far less useful metrics than impact or reach.

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