Forget Resolutions, Set Fears.

If you’re inclined to set a resolution tonight, consider focussing on what your life won’t look like if you don’t change, instead of what it could look like if you do.

Let’s face it, the fantasy version of yourself who hits the gym everyday, lives zero waste and smashes all your work goals this year isn’t going to exist.

Why promise to deliver on something you know you’ll feel guilty about in six weeks once you let it slip, when you could address the root fears driving all of those desires and make meaningful change to your every day.

What if instead of asking yourself what you want your life you look like, you asked yourself what you’re most scared of it looking like?

If you don’t change a thing, what are the most frightening consequences?

What will you look back on in 2021 or 2030 and wish you’d changed?

Here are my biggest fears for 2021:

  • I’ll be in the same job, at the same place I work today.
  • I’ll have given up weightlifting for Jiu Jitsu.
  • I won’t have completed the first draft of my book.

The dread I feel imagining a version of myself not having got these things done is more than motivation enough to see them through.

Don’t promise yourself you’ll become a superhero tomorrow.

Promise yourself you’ll be a better version of yourself than you are today.

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