Dancing With Fear

Minus the obvious, terrifying, life threatening fears which demand immediate attention, most of the stuff we’re afraid of really isn’t that scary at all.

Spiders don’t often actually want to bite you, food is generally fine to eat the day after its use by date, and being high up doesn’t mean you’re going to fall.

Fear is a signal. It’s a choice to pay it mind. Unless it’s the unavoidable, terryfing, immediate kind, there is always something you can do.

Clear up the cobwebs in your house. Organise your fridge better. Learn some breathing exercises.

The same applies for fears about the future.

There’s always something you can action immediately which can aid to mitigate your fear – the question is whether you’re willing to do the work?

Rejecting fear is a short road to more fear.

Instead, we have to dance with it.

Even if that entails exhausting, detailed and repetitive work.

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