You Have More Choice Than You Know

It’s uncomfortable to realise that we choose to endure some of the worst circumstances we deal with.

When we feel like we can’t do something, it’s rarely true. More often than not the alternatives are just inconvenient.

This truth is uncomfortable because it makes us complicit in the majority of our suffering – even more uncomfortable because not all people are born with equal quality of options.

Every choice comes with a cost. The cost of quitting your job, selling your house or distancing yourself from someone close to you all come at huge financial, environmental and social cost, so they’re options which are rarely opted for when the stakes are low.

This isn’t to say that you should quit your job the first time you encounter a frustrating co-worker or start chowing down on camembert if you’re lactose intolerant, only that you could.

Continuing to show up to work or avoid dairy is an active choice, not one you have to make. As such, we must accept the (sometimes unfortunate and unpleasant) things which come along with each of our choices.

And if you can’t, if the weight of a choice which you continue to make brings you nothing but frustration or despair, consider making another.

For every choice you’ve ever made, there was the possibility of inaction.

If something isn’t working and you’ve exhausted the choices you’re willing to make to mend it, perhaps it’s time to walk away.

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