Sometimes the habbits we wish to foster aren’t rewarding in the immediate term.

Doing 20 pull-ups isn’t going to get you any back muscles. It’s just going to hurt.

Do 20 pull-ups every day however, and in a few months you’ll notice some serious progress.

This is one of the limitations of thinking in terms of finite games.

If completing 20 pull-ups is the goal, they’re only worth doing if there’s an immediate sense of gratification which is as valuable as the pain of suffering through the set.

Which means, like all new habits, the first handful of times will be the hardest.

Streaks make this process easier.

If instead of focussing on the immediate returns from hard to build habits, you’re focussed on maintaining your streak, all of a sudden there are immediate stakes for failing to maintain the habbit.

The longer the steak, the less likely you are to break it.

Try to hit 10 repetitions of a new habbit in a row, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly – whatever.

After ten reps, you’ll find that your habbit starts to feel like a ritual; it’s no longer a thing you feel like you have to do, it’s just a thing you do.

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