The Infinite Growth Mindset

We know that a growth mindset is the key to acheiving one’s goals.

People perform better when they’re praised for their hard work instead of for their ability.

Why would this change when we’re talking about the praise we give ourselves?

Seeking pride in the fruits of our labour is a setup for failure.

Because if we’re doing anything which matters, at some point we are destined to fail.

A failure to bear fruit is armageddon for the fixed mindset. Upon losing a finite game, the player has nothing of value to show for it.

On the contrary, when the infinite player with the growth mindset faces a failure to fruit, they get excited. Finally! An opportunity to work even harder. To solve a problem – disarming it’s ability to impact future harvests.

The finite player values their work based on what it produces.

The infinite player values their work based on how much better they were at it than the day before.

One gets better until they get stuck.

The other gets better forever.

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