Aaaaaannnnddd NEW!

Steve Erceg headlined Eternal MMA 52 tonight in a flyweight championship bout against the reigning champion Shannon Ross.

(via @eternalmma on Instagram)

After a slick knockdown in the first round, Erceg smothered Ross with his dominant grappling, resulting in a first round finish via rear naked choke.

As someone who’s had the privilege of having their ass handed to them by Steve, it was an honour to watch him claim the highest honour in Australian Mixed Martial Arts.

Steve’s victory tonight was not just historic for his career, but for Australian MMA at large. Eternal 52 was the first Australian MMA event to be streamed through UFC’s fightpass.

Tonight marks a huge step forward for Steve ‘Astroboy’ Erceg, and perhaps an even bigger step forward for Australian MMA.

With such a dominant victory, it seems like only a matter of time before we see Steve on the biggest stage in MMA.

With the UFC 251 coming to his hometown of Perth on June 7, could we see this hometown hero scrapping with the world’s finest?