Batch Focus

Some of us excel at chipping away at task over long periods of time, slowly accumulating progress towards our goals.

Others work better in batches; short bursts of focussed attention through which a large amount can be accomplished in a short period of time.

There are things each of us will chip away at and others we will batch, but we usually have a natural tendency towards one or the other.

Neither is necessarily better or worse, but it’s possible that us natural batchers could learn a thing or two by sequencing our workloads in more digestible chunks over time, freeing us up to harness our batching abilities when we need them most. The chippers could probably learn from us too; that there are times when rigorous, stubborn and sustained short term effort can be a productive and creative force.

Chippers are guaranteed to build something if they stick at it long enough.

Batchers craft opportunities to test the things they’re making before spending all the time which a chipper would need to make it.

Your pace should be determined by whether you’re running a sprint or marathon, not by which race you’re more naturally inclined to run.

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