Positional Responsibility

We don’t always get the chance to curate our experience of life.

Sometimes things fall into place; the right chance occurs at the perfect time and we’re better off as a result. Other times, it can feel as though our lives have been designed by a creator who is taking cruel delight in ensuring that everything goes wrong for us all at once.

Finding ourselves in a position we didn’t want to be in is not a good enough reason to dismiss the rules of the game we’re playing. It’s jarring, and people don’t like it.

You can’t show up to your first day at an internship and start making suggestions as if you’re company’s CEO, regardless of how much you’d like the be.

We alone are responsible for operating in line with our current position. Because, while life itself is rarely concerned with fairness, the other people we share this life with do. Ultimately, connecting with them is our best opportunity to create better positions for the future.

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