Slipping Behind

You can feel it, like a storm brewing in the rear of your mind. You can see things slowly piling up. You know you should start, now. But you don’t.

You don’t, because you never do. Because something else always finds a way to capture your attention; holding it captive just long enough to let panic set in. Then, finally, you start. It’s too late too achieve what you know you could have, but it’s not too late to scrape something together.

When this narrative becomes a repetitive feature, thinks break (often things you’d prefer to keep in-tact).

Instead, cut the story short at its beginning. You feel the storm brewing, so you stop. You give yourself permission to do one of two things: the precise activity you’re meant to be doing, or absolutely nothing. No cheating. No exeptions.

Soon enough, you’ll be so bored that you’ll do anything to move on with your story.

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