There are no second chances when it comes to first impressions.

Most people decide whether or not they like you within minutes of meeting you, so why exhibit anything but warmth and positivity?

People who build their personalities around intimidating others fall prey to shallow loneliness in the long run. Compassion and generosity are the tools by which lasting relationships are formed.

Greet new people as you would an old friend, and you’ll end up with more old friends once you’re old.

It’s fun to take small risks on little invitations: testing a new route to work, or adding something new to a recepie you know already delivers.

Occasionally, these baby innovations reward us with a nice little breakthrough that slightly changes the way we do things. More often than not, this isn’t the case. Instead, we end up driving for a couple of minutes longer or with a grainy mouthful of matcha crème brûlée.

The cost of these risks is so low that these no reason not to test these ideas when they come around.

Just remember to trust the tried and true from time to time.

The ability to remain ‘neutral’ on the oppression of others implies privilege; it’s easier not to bother with oppression when it isn’t happening to you.

An even worse response would be the reactive undermining of someone else’s oppression.

There are no counter protests at breast cancer awareness events, because the words ‘all cancers matter’ are so obvious that they need not be exclaimed.

‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a challenge to the idea that ‘All Lives Matter’, but the latter is a challenge to the former. Our reaction to systematic violence and oppression cannot be to undermine it.

We are sensory animals, well adapted to allowing our noses and mouths to guide our thoughts.

The smell of petrichor, of rain falling on dry earth, release primal hormones which steady us.

When we get that first bite of a dish our family used to make, that junk food we were treated to after a big game, or the meal we ate on our first dates, our brains start firing with memory.

In method acting there’s a technique called sense memory, in which an actor will recall a specific physical feeling which evokes a certain emotion which they hope will inform their performance.

What actors do synthetically, our bodies perform naturally.

There are a billion micro memories your mind could access at any moment, all it needs is the right sensory input.

Finally, Australia is seeing the impacts of COVID-19 fade away.

Schools are open, sports are back on and (even though we not seem far more attentive to each other’s personal space) people are able to gather safely.

Life is returning to new normal. There’s something refreshing about that.

Meetings are the bane of productivity; they allow participants to feel like they’re getting things done, even when they’re not.

Meetings belong to the person who called the meeting. Usually, the person who calls a big meeting feels great afterwards becuase they got to say everything they felt they needed to say.

The question is: did everyone else in the room really need to hear it?

Too often, that answer is no.

I played my first soccer game tonight, filling in on a friend’s team in a community futsal league.

The team we played weren’t that good, but they were leagues better than us. A couple of them clearly had some fundamentals, a couple of us played when we were eight (me not being one of them, unfortunately).

We fought hard to the final whistle, even though the referee had stopped tallying their score on the board, “there’s no need to put any more up,” he said to me off the court.

Learning how to lose is perhaps the clearest sign of growing up. We’ll be back next week, and if we don’t score a goal, we will in the next one.

Sometimes there’s no winning. That sucks, of course. Maybe it even hurts. But wallowing in the hopelessness of a losing situation is aimless.  

Instead, exit. Take off the jersey, surrender the king, hang up the phone.

Unless your life is on the line, there will always be another opportunity to make better choices and avoid a lose – lose situation entirely.

Remember, it’s your own decisions which ultimately led you here – no matter where you are.

Your circumstances may well have limited the choices available to you, but it was your own action which put you where you are here and now.

Live with it, or change. It’s always up to you.


The people you support today were OUR leaders.  The Clintons, Obama, fuck I even bought Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Video back in the day.  They were our heroes.  I gave them my support.  I believed in them.  They lied to us.  
When you are confronted with this reality it is devastating.  Shock and numbness sets in and loss of hope oozes and disables.  Why vote. What’s the fuckin point.  Where do we go from here.  Then you pick yourself up, dust off the betrayal, and soldier on.  Hope is restored and you invest your time and faith in humanity again.
But now they’re lying to you!  

And to get you hooked they had to create a global movement to steal youth away from the generation of families before who woke up to their deceit because ALL INFORMATION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY became accessible to all.
They buy youth with their foundations and brainwashed your generation with bullshit psychology that infiltrated your airwaves programming you to believe your families are toxic, ignorant and clueless and they are the only one’s that care about you.
When you’ve drunk enough of the koolaid from those who have taken over the “U.S. left” for THEIR OWN SELF SERVING EMPIRES while they brainwash youth with their sickly, false and brazen lies, pretending to care about minorities while they fund wars, terrorism, etc, etc, etc, then maybe, just maybe, we can have a conversation.  Fuck they’re brazen enough to publicly say they support Antifa and its horrific violent activism! 

You haven’t even come close yet to uncovering the truth of who the corrupt global players are that is backed up with undeniable evidence.  Fuck, how can you, when they pied piper you with false promises that sing to your beautiful hearts.  
You won’t believe me.  You don’t have to.  I didn’t, or couldn’t for that matter, make this shit up.
Try researching what you are led to believe are “lies” about your leaders.  Remember to keep breathing deeply while your at it and fight the urges to keep looking for confirmation bias

What you fail to factor into your programmed self righteous Know it All stance is the FACT that we’ve been there.  Reread “Illusory Superiority” while trying it on for size.
You are in a global cult that calls itself a movement and tells you that anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and by default you, is evil and you should shut them down and then withdraw from them.  How the fuck is that working in life for learning how to communicate effectively within all problematic areas for proactive problem solving and unity between families, culture and race.  They’re teaching you to be followers, not leaders!
No wonder you are so fucked up inside.  Yeah I know it.  I see it.  I feel it.  Even from afar.
It makes my heart bleed knowing the pain you are in now.  Let alone the pain you are going to be in when your idols are revealed for the criminals they truly are.

I’ll be waiting.  Not with the judgment that you are encouraged to dole out on a regular basis to me and others in your thoughts and actions, but with compassion. 
Compassion that can help with understanding when you wake up to the real perpetrators who have been inflicting global horrors onto our world for generations.
They may still control major media and censorship, like they always have, but it won’t last because they can’t control the internet forever.  It is the greatest gift to humanity.
But being new your generation are unfortunately victims and minions of the old guard and their fight to retain totalitarian fascist control and suppression whilst pretending the opposite.
One day the internet will be saturated with the real truth so we can begin to collectively build a better future – together.  

Never forget that in all our hearts we’re actually on the same fuckin side!  
And if any of you choose to join peaceful street protests please, please pay attention.  Look for the signs that violent riot intruders are lurking so you can get yourself and others out to safety.”

It would be pointless to argue with you, so I won’t.

Thank you for your concern.

It’s okay for your plan to change, as long as you have a plan. Quitting to pursue better is never a failure; quitting without a better path, is.

Life is too precious to squander meddling in things which don’t enrich us.