There is a fine line between an impressive interview and an obnoxious one; your credentials become irrelevant rather swiftly if your potential employer thinks you’re an ass.

Modesty comes at no cost, and respect is an investment which always pays dividends.

In an interview, the best chance you have at success is being the genuine best person for the job.

And when we’re not the best applicant for one role, the only sensible course of action is to become the best applicant for the next.

How is it that we can be both our most and least comfortable while entirely alone? There is peace in isolation, but also vulnerability.

We need it. It’s essential. Without isolation, reflection is impossible. Because time spent with others is time spent wearing an assortment of masks.

We present slightly different versions of ourselves to our mothers, our bosses and our dentists. Every second spent around other people is a second spent (consciously or unconsciously) deciding how to perform.

Only isolation provides the opportunity to wrestle with ourselves. To peel back the masks we dance around in and decide which we’re willing to put back on. To ask ourselves truly: what are the masks we wear in attempt to fool ourselves?

And more importantly, how might we return to the world a little more authentic?

All effective teams have three things in common;

  • A shared goal which excites them;
  • communication strategies which enable them;
  • and accountablily methods which keep them on track.

At the end of the day, this leaves you responsible for being a part of things you care about; communicating with respect, honesty and kindness; and doing the work you say you’ll do.

If your current workplace prohibits you from doing one of these things, you’re in the wrong workplace.

If you’re unable to do these things in any workplace, the change probably needs to come from you.