If you’re in Australia, chances are you’ve seen this petition doing the rounds on social media.

It’s incredibly important that you sign it before the 16th of October.

I only just remembered to do so yesterday, so I imagine there’s a chance that it’s slipped past some of you too.

Unlike some other well intentioned petitions (like this one on, this petition will be presented directly to Australia’s House of Representatives.

There’s a lot of heat around this right now (da-dun-cha), but in the past few weeks, much of the news coverage has centred around the tirade of insecure, well-off white gentlemen who have taken aim at Greta Thunberg.

In the face of all this nonsense and ignorant white noise, it’s important that we focus on the things we can do, and how we can inform change on an individual level.

If there’s a reason you’re not willing to take two minutes to put your name on this, I’d love to have a discussion about it with you.

This is what democracy looks like.